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We are experts for Porsche 356 based in Hungary and passionate about authentic restoration work. The classic car restorer’s job now is to conserve or recreate each 356 project to a historical and cultural artifacts.



Disassembling / Condition survey

Based on our long term experience the first step needs to be an intense condition survey. Without it, we cant give you a serious price quotation. The real state of the cars body conditions appears only after removing all the layers of paint (and rust). This procedure is just-as-important for the customer as it is for us.


Body work /
Spare parts

In our 356 restoration facility, one important goal is to keep your Porsche 356 authentic – a difficult process, because we restore based on original documentations, parts and data books, special tools and other information material.

All work on your vehicle is precisely photo documented and can be followed on our database.

Paint job

The paintwork is one of the biggest tasks during the restoration process in order to bring your car back to perfect condition.  The preparation work can take significant man-hours and after painting we give the car a rest before assembling – so be patient.

Upholstery / Assembling

At the end, a large amount of work goes into the correct assembly of a car from a bare shell to a roadworthy, working 356 – as every component is laid out in front. Original parts are difficult to source, it often takes time for them to arrive, and there might also be delays in obtaining restored or rechromed components from a professional service.

We provide the perfect range of upholstery and trimming for your 356, ranging from small repairs to completely new looking seats, carpets, and interiors. You can either bring your roadworthy car, or one that we will disassemble and restore completely.

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István Kreicsovszki

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